An Award and Another Good Review, Etc.

Judgment Fire received the Golden Quill Award for Mystery from the American Authors Association. Needless to say, I am thrilled.

In this morning's email I was tickled to find the following review:

Judgment Fire
Tempe Crabtree mystery series
By Marilyn Meredith
PUB: Mundania Press
ISBN: 978-1594264849

Can Tempe Crabtree’s heritage and forgotten past help her find who killed a battered wife?

Fighting the prejudices of hundreds of years against Native Americans and women in “men’s jobs”, Tempe works as a Sheriff’s Deputy in the Sierra Mountains. She tries to ease the misgivings of her minister husband and her firefighter teenaged son while she tries to balance work and family.

Marilyn Meredith takes us into the spiritual world of the American Indian while she weaves Tempe’s story of arson and murder to a surprising conclusion in a well written book that’s over before you would like.

Review by Wanda C. Keesey (author of Lost In The Mist, release date May 2008)

Last weekend, by request, I gave my 2 hour "How to Write a Mystery" seminar at the Erle Stanley Gardner Mystery Festival. The first hour, I talk about the different kinds of mysteries and the elements that need to be in a successful mystery. The second hour, the audience brainstorms, and plans a mystery of their own. It's great fun!

While there, I also spent time with two of my grown grandkids and their families. That also was wonderful. It's a long drive to that area from our house, and we only do it once a year, so it's very special.



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