Merry Christmas

The house is decorated and I'm exhausted. We don't have nearly as many decorations as we used to because we gave a lot of them away--still it seemed to take forever to put baubles and balls on the already lighted tree. Of course it was extra fun this year because it was the first thee for our three cats and they think it's a giant play toy just for them.

Yesterday I took one of my daughter's Christmas shopping. Shopping is not my favorite thing to do--but we had a great time together.

Hubby decided this was a good time to transfer closets--to put the decorations in the closet where we keep the luggage and vice versa. Since it's his idea he can do it.

Last night we were invited to dinner by my good friend, Saralee. She also invited a friend she used to work with--a delightful young woman. Why anyone would want to spend an evening with two old folks like us, I'm not sure--but I'm glad they did. We had a wonderful time and a great meal.

Had a bit of good news today via e-mail. One of my publishers, Tigress Press, wanted a dedication and some back cover copy as my latest Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery, Smell of Death, is nearly ready for printing. What that means for me is I must get busy and start planning my promotion campaign.

It's hard to do normal jobs when the season is so festive. We have a lot to look forward to this holiday time. Our eldest daughter is retiring from her long time job as a secretary for the Oxnard School District. We've been invited to her retirement party and will definitely make the trip. It will give us the opportunity to deliver our Christmas gifts to the two families still living in Ventura County. I can't believe I have a daughter who is old enough to retire!

My critique group is going out to dinner together with spouses invited. We always have fun doing that.

And of course we'll be doing our usual Christmas Eve and Christmas day get-together with my son, his wife and kids.

Everyone, I hope your holiday--no matter what you may celebrate--is wonderful. Filled with love and friendship.



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