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2008 Almost Here!

Hard to believe, it’s nearly 2008! Now the challenge will be to remember that and put it on my communications and checks.

What are you looking forward to in this coming year? For myself, I’m hoping the year includes continued good health–always something to think about when you get to be my age. However, I’m always optimistic and this year’s calendar is already filling up. I’ve even sent in money for a mystery con in 2009.

The end of January we’re flying to Chicago for the Love is Murder conference. All my friends in California feel that is being truly optimistic if not a bit foolhardy. I remind them that I went to Alaska to a mystery con in February and had a great time.

I’m planning a book launch for Smell of Death, the next in my Rocky Bluff PD series in February.

In March, hubby and I will fly to Portland OR for Epicon. My latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery is a finalist in the mystery category for an Eppie. Whether it wins or not, Epicon is a great conference and I have many author…

Feeling Really Old or Aftermath of Attending Daughter's Retirement Party and some exciting news!

How on earth could I possibly have a daughter who is old enough to retire? I don't have the answer to that question--what I do know is hubby and I traveled to Oxnard yesterday to attend daughter Dana's retirement celebration from her job as an administrative assistant of the Oxnard School District.

The party was given by her boss and held in her boss' home--a gorgeous home beautifully decorated for Christmas. Besides about 50 of Dana's fellow employees, of course her husband attended, along with her daughter (my granddaughter, Genie) and her two kids (my great-grands--Peyton and Garrett), and my youngest daughter, Lori, and her hubby.

The food was abundant and delicious. Everyone was friendly and spoke so highly of Dana--it really made me proud. One of the highlights of the evening was when Peyton who is four, donned her dance costume and performed her Irish dance. She did wonderfully.

I met the current superintendent of schools and it certainly brought back lots of memor…

Merry Christmas

The house is decorated and I'm exhausted. We don't have nearly as many decorations as we used to because we gave a lot of them away--still it seemed to take forever to put baubles and balls on the already lighted tree. Of course it was extra fun this year because it was the first thee for our three cats and they think it's a giant play toy just for them.

Yesterday I took one of my daughter's Christmas shopping. Shopping is not my favorite thing to do--but we had a great time together.

Hubby decided this was a good time to transfer closets--to put the decorations in the closet where we keep the luggage and vice versa. Since it's his idea he can do it.

Last night we were invited to dinner by my good friend, Saralee. She also invited a friend she used to work with--a delightful young woman. Why anyone would want to spend an evening with two old folks like us, I'm not sure--but I'm glad they did. We had a wonderful time and a great meal.

Had a bit of good news toda…

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

I've received a few Christmas cards and I'm thinking about putting up the tree. My Christmas shopping is under control--well what I mean is I've purchased the majority of gifts.

The weather is cooperating too--we finally are getting some rain. I know, in parts of the country it's flooding--but we haven't had measurable rain for ages.

Yesterday, we had a grand surprise. Lee Emory (one of my publishers--Treble Heart Books) called to say she and her husband were heading home from Oregon and would be passing near out place and could they come visit. Of course I said yes.

Lee and I met at Epicon in Seattle WA years ago. Over the years she republished Guilt by Association and two of my Christian horror novels--Deeds of Darkness and Cup of Demons. Every year we met and visited at Epicon--in Tampa, Long Beach, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio. We enjoyed catching up on one another's news, enjoying the sights and having dinner together.

They arrived and we learned it was Lee&…