Patricia Guthrie Author Interview

Patricia Guthrie, In the Arms of The Enemy, Interview:

Tell me something about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do besides write?

I'm grew up in the town of Lynbrook on Long Island in New York. We moved out to Smithtown when I was in high school. I spent my college years in New York City and now I live in the south suburbs of Chicago.

What do you do besides write?

I spend much of my time promoting my book, going to book signings, setting up book signings and networking. I was a music teacher in the Chicago Public School System. Now I'm retired with three collies who keep me busy and a horse who puts me on guilt trips when I can't go out to the barn where he's stabled. I've been dedicated to showing my dogs in obedience, have been an obedience instructor and have done
therapy work with schizophrenic patients. I've shown and trained horses to a limited extent. Now, my writing career takes up so much of my time. When I have the time, I love to read. . Yeah, right.

Tell me the premise of your book.

A man goes undercover to catch a killer and falls in love with his prime suspect.

What prompted you to write it?

Horses. I love them. I care about them. The seed of this story comes from a scandal in the horse show and racing industries where greedy horse owners would kill off horses that were not performing well for the insurance money. Most of these horses were insured for a lot of money. Think six figures in some case. In the racing industry someone might pay a million dollars or more for a promising yearling. And if the horse can't perform?

From the time you first got the idea, how long did it take you to get to the point where you knew the book was finished?

I got the idea about In the Arms of the Enemy many years before I started to write it. I miscalculated how finished it was when I sent it in to Harlequin for its Intrigue series. I received a very nice rejection letter. Then I let it sit for six months and when I pulled it out again, I knew why it had been rejected. It wasn't ready. Unfortunately, no matter how much editing I do, I never think they're ready. That presents its own problems. Over editing sometimes is worse than not editing enough..

Are you anything like the heroine in your story?

I tried to make her different, but I supposed there must be some of me in
the heroine. Unfortunately, I've seen some of my traits in my villain too.
How do your family and friends feel about you being an author?

My sister is an Episcopal priest and she's had several books published. My brother is proud of me, I think. I guess they're proud of me. I haven't thought of it much. My mom was a poet and she didn't even want to hear any of my stuff. That was sad. I have no clear explanation. My sister said the same thing. We don't know. She's deceased now so we'll never know.

Besides your blog tour, what are you doing to promote it?

I'm doing a lot of internet networking. I'm calling book stores and setting
up book signings. I've managed to get on two radio programs. I've had book signings in unusual places like the barn during "Vet Day." and an obedience seminar in Danville, Illinois. I love horse and dog people.

What else would like to tell me and the visitors to my blog about your novel or yourself?

This book is dedicated to those horses lost to man's greed and inhumanity and to those humanitarians who'd save and protect them.

Out side of that, if In the Arms of the Enemy was a cake its ingredients
would consist of:: deception, deceit and murder sprinkled with romance and horses.

For much more information about Patricia Guthrie and In the Arms of the Enemy, visit her virtual book tour site - 1.

Book Summary

Light Sword Publishing announces the release of Patricia A. Guthrie’s first published novel “In the Arms of the Enemy.”
When the death of a racing stable’s prize horse and his trainer is blamed on the stable’s owner; his son, Adam Blakely, goes undercover convinced that the trainer’s partner, Maggie McGregor, is the killer.
Determined to leave the tumultuous world of horse racing, Maggie returns home to try and find peace. When a handsome horse owner moves his horse into her father’s boarding stable and asks Maggie to train his horse, family finances dictate that Maggie accept--and that’s when the accidents begin.
Drowning in deception and lies, Maggie and Adam search for a killer and uncover an insurance scam so insidious, it threatens to rock a horse racing empire and bring the killer to their doorstep. They need to learn to:
Keep your friends close; but your enemies closer.
Review magazine "Affaire de Coeur" says, "With a strong mystery and a sizzling romance, Ms. Guthrie captivates readers from the start. This is an enjoyable thriller with a plot that will keep you guessing until the climactic end.”
* * * * * Rated five stars
Patricia A. Guthrie is a resident of Park Forest, Illinois. A recently retired music teacher from the Chicago Public Schools (May Community Academy and Chicago Vocational Community Academy) and former opera singer, Author Patricia A. Guthrie is now an avid horse owner, dog obedience trainer and writer. Ms. Guthrie lives with three feisty collies who act as “ghost writers” and help her write at every given opportunity.
This story is dedicated to those horses lost to man’s greed and inhumanity and to those humanitarians whose mission is to save and protect them.
In the Arms of the Enemy By Patricia A. Guthrie

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thank you so much, Marily, for helping me promote In the Arms of the Enemy.

The covers on your own books are intriguing. I will have to take a stroll over to or, go over to my local Borders.


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