Jackass Mail Run

To let you know how exciting things are in the part of California where I live, the Jackass Mail Run made the front page of the local newspaper--complete with photographs. The photo was of the posse that rode into town, guns a blazing, before the mail wagon's arrival. It they'd taken the photo just a bit lower, my booth would have been there, complete with my books and right in front of the dentist's office.

Not only that, an article about the Mail Run was on the second page of the Fresno Bee--with another photo. Oh, yes, there's plenty of bad stuff that goes on, but it's refreshing to read about something so family oriented instead of robberies and murders. Well--mostly family oriented. We did have a group of dance hall "girls" strutting around town (middle-aged girls), and some belly dancers who performed in front of the pizza palace.

Actually, the whole event is pretty mild compared to the "old days." Twenty plus years ago when we first moved here, the Jackass Mail Run meant lots of drunkeness as the afternoon progressed, by evening the deputies hauled dozens of drunks off to jail. We would go early, partake of the food, watch some of the entertainment, then go home before it got too rowdy. We always missed the actual Mail Run. It was fun to be right where the shooting went on--even if it was hard on the ears--and see the mail stolen from the mail wagon--then the bandits shot and the mail rescued to be delivered. the few yards to the post office.

And yes, I did sell some of my books--actually more than what I've sold at some booksignings.

Times change, not always for the better, but in the case of the Jackass Mail Run--this one has definitely improved.

Last night and this morning, I enjoyed a special house guest, Willma Gore, a writing friend and mentor. She's on a tour for her latest book, Long Distance Grandparenting. She's been gone from home for a month, traveling from place to place, making appearances at writing groups and libraries, even a senior citizen's home, and staying with old friends along the way. Quite an endeavor for an 80 plus woman--but she didn't seem the least bit phazed.

That's the news from Springville.



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