Lacresha Hayes Visits Today

The Rape of Innocence , by Lacresha Hayes, is the testimony of a child growing up mostly without her mother and going through incest, rape and molestation. It's a story of a child who grew up too fast, enduring the worst of hardships. She details the struggles of growing up without God and then being disillusioned in the churches by hypocrisy.

This book chronicles the life of a child who became a woman of God, business owner, author, and wife to a pastor. What should have been impossible, God made possible!

This book is for every woman who knows what pain feels like. This book is for every
Christian who has been hurt or disappointed in the ministry. Come share the tears and the joys of triumphant victory.

The Rape of Innocence: Taking Captivity Captive by Lacresha Hayes
ISBN: 978-0-9798154-0-9
Retail price: $19.95

Blurb: A renowned minister and business owner deals with issues of rape, molestation, disillusionment, domestic violence, and abandonment, showing that even the worst situations can be turned to good by taking authority over the victim mentality and trusting God to use all things for good.

The author, Lacresha Hayes, is the President of Living Waters Publishing Company and an author of seven books. She is the founder of Christian Vitality magazine, the wife of Pastor Lensey Hayes, and founder of Compassionate Healing Ministries. She and her husband have a 17 year old son and are currently praying for a successful pregnancy. She says, “I work hard, pray harder and couldn't live without Jesus Christ in my life. I am a survivor of physical and sexual abuse and often speak out about those issues. My passion is helping people overcome the circumstances of their pasts so that their future looks brighter.”

She goes on to say, “I would say that I am truly a work in progress. I've seen myself come through a metamorphosis that I cannot explain except to say that God's Will is perfect. I'm one of those who have done it all, and what I hadn't done, I've seen. I'm easy to talk to, and try each day to be easy to relate to. Yet, I will never compromise God's Word, not even for myself!”

Excerpt from The Rape of Innocence

"Molestation happens across cultural lines. It happens across racial lines. It isn’t based upon intelligence. It isn’t based upon financial health. It may seem to happen more in poverty-stricken communities, but I can assure you that most of it just goes unreported.

I found out the hard way that molestation isn’t just a black thing or a poor thing. It is a perversion thing. It happens to God’s called and chosen people, and it happens to the average Jane Doe in an average home. God created each of us with purpose. I don’t believe the enemy would waste his time tempting people to molest or rape a person who has no destiny and no call upon their life. Because of the very nature of the crime, it can be nothing less than a device of the enemy, one of his strongest weapons.

Someone reading this book may think that they have never been molested when indeed they have been. A molester is a molester long before he touches his first victim. He is first guilty in his thoughts. Some men never actually touch their victims. They just think and fantasize about touching. They rent the videos of children with adults engaging in sex acts. Some molesters do it with the words of their mouths. They talk filth to children. They take advantage of their positions in those children’s lives. They open a door that should not be opened by planting filthy word images in young minds. Some of you haven’t actually been touched, but you have been molested.

That family reunion opened my eyes to a lot of things. Because of that repressed memory, this book exists. God had to allow a series of events to happen to make me go back and deal with my past. This testimony was freed while I was in jail.

I was arrested in August 2005 for old fines and failure to appear warrants. While I was in jail, God kept bringing the memory of what my great grandfather had done back to my mind. It seemed to torment me. It had been 2 years since I first remembered and here it was, still cropping up.

One night as I was praying, God spoke to me in a whisper and told me that I would be in jail until I learned obedience. He would never specifically tell me what I needed to do because I already knew. I was in jail for 44 days, skirting the issue, hitting and missing at what He wanted from me. Finally, I put pencil to paper and began to write. With every paragraph I was stopping and crying. It was dreadful! I didn’t feel prepared for the suffering!

With every page I completed, the family reunion kept coming back up. The answer had been right before my eyes. The reason the memory continually resurfaced was that God was telling me to share my testimony with the world. He wanted to use my story to break heavy yokes of oppression, depression, worthlessness and anger off of others. In my own family, rape had happened… not only to me, but to others that I loved. I was angry. I was really angry at the devil for the first time and God helped me to channel that anger onto these pages.

My family reunion was the genesis of my assignment, my destiny. I was called to bring the light of exposure to the hidden world of familial incest and perversion inside and outside of the Church, and to bring encouragement to men and women around the world who have been victimized and disillusioned. Though this call is not easy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything."

There is a powerful message in this book. Ms. Hayes bravely told her story in hopes of helping others.



Cresha said…
Hello Marilyn,

I apologize for my tardiness. We had an emergency come up. However, I will be keeping up with this post for the next few days and avail myself for any questions or comments.

Thank you for featuring me on your blog. God bless you and your readers.
I have her coming to my blog soon too. When I read this book, I was blown away and I believe she is the kind of voice our society needs.
Hi Marilyn,

I just wanted to stop by to support Lacresha and you on this blog tour. I've been lagging behind because she put me in charge of handling the book clubs she'll be speaking with.

I thought posting the excerpt really made your interview/review stand out. This was a really good book. I hope that all of you who eventually stop, and that have read it, will join us as we attempt to get Lacresha to write a healing workbook as a companion for this book.

Great post, Marilyn.
Cresha said…
I just wanted to say that for those who would like to speak to me live, here is the information: this Friday, April 18 for a chat at 12:00 EST!!!

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