Looking Forward

This has been one of those weeks where I spent most of my time doing work that I no longer enjoy. For 20 years I've been the training chairperson for an association for providers of care to the developmentally disabled. I've arranged the classes, found the teachers, taken care of logistics, bought the supplies, done all the paperwork, and taught many of the classes myself.

I'm tired. It's time for me to spend more time on my writing and the promotion of my books and having some fun with my family. I gave my resignation, but will finish out this year.

So I look forward to the fun things. On Saturday I'll have a booth at the Jackass Mail Run in Springville. This is an annual event, kicking off Rodeo week. Between 50 and 100 horses and riders will escort the mail wagon from Porterville to Springville, where bandits will try to rob the mail and gunfire will break out. It's fun and noisy. Hopefully I'll sell some books and have the opportunity to visit with folks I havent seen for awhile.

On Sunday, good friend and fellow author, Willma Gore is coming for a short visit. She taught me more about writing than anyone. We'll have a good time catching up with each other.

On Wednesday, hubby and I take off for Las Vegas. First we'll visit my sister and husband. Then on Thursday, the Public Safety Writers Association's conference begins. I've worked on it and looked forward to it since the last one.

Looking forward helps when I'm to busy to do the writing I need to do.

More after my Las Vegas trip.



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