More About Mayhem in the Midlands

Every mystery con or writers conference has its own personality. Mayhem has a super friendly atmosphere--and is attended by many mystery fans and readers. Over the years I've been blessed by making good friends with several of these fans.

Also, for a small con (less than 200 this year), they manage to draw some big name writers such as: Jeff Abbott, Jan Burke, Sean Doolittle, JT Ellison, Chris Grabenstein, Charlaine Harris, Libby Fischer Hellman, J.A. Konrath, Twist Phelan and a slew of mid-listers and small press authors, like I am.

For the most part, the authors are friendly and accessible too.

In some ways, this particular con feels like a family reunion. It's so good to spend time with those you've grown to love, it's also fun to meet and greet the newbies, and easy to ignore those who are caught up in their own importance.

Of course hubby and I have particular favorites among the folks. He loves Mayhem because he has a bevy of admirers. (Of course that's not unusual for my guy.)

We also love Omaha and especially the Old Marketplace. We spent the first full morning we were there walking in the rain and popping in and out of shops and enjoying a cup of mocha at one of several coffee houses. We had great meals, the first at our favorite Persian restuarant, Ahmad's, and we had Indian cuisine. We ate lunch at a new place called The Bent Fork, or the Twisted Fork, or something like that. We also ate a meal at a Brewery which was also delicious. Part of the fun was visiting with our friends.

As a writer, I spend most of my day in front of my computer. It's great fun to actually interac with people and have normal conversations.

Now, it's time I got back to the laundry from our trip.



Tarot By Arwen said…
Sounds like a fun con! :)
Anonymous said…
The books really sound great! If I
find some extra time I shall try to
read at least one! :) I seem to be
so busy with Blogs, sites, emails, and the like that I tend to be lax in other areas. I spend so much of
my time at the puter too! Stories and all that. Hoping you a great success with all of your writings. Do come visit sites that have my new kiddie book and my Christian fiction coming out next month! I would much appreciate it! Stay in
love and peace. Katie

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