On Posting Regularly

Because I have three other posts I need to do I'm not always up-to-date on my own.

Wanted to share a bit about the Public Safety Writers Association conference held last weekend in Las Vegas. The photo is of Sunny Frazier who gave a great and entertaining presentation on book covers.

This conference is small, which is a good thing, because everyone has the opportunity to really get-aquainted and network with one another. Hopefully, we'll soon have a date and place for our next get-together which will have a name, Crime Writers and Fighters.

My next conference coming up is Mayhem in the Midlands, another favorite. It's held in Omaha every year, which has become a favorite city for hubby and me to visit.

That's it for now.



Joan said…
I love a good mystery. I like the covers on most books but it is the info on the back cover that tells me whether to buy the book or not. Good luck with all your books.

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