Do not read if you expect to be entertained.

This past week a young woman who was only in her late thirties and I counted as a friend passed away from complications due to alcoholism. She was addicted to Vodka.

She had five children, the last born a little over a year ago. Her eldest daughter, who is grown and living on her own, has been caring for the youngest one ever since she was born because of the mother’s illness. And alcoholism is an illness as well as an addiction.

I know this young woman’s mom, her husband (who is an alcoholic too and spends a lot of time in jail for drunk driving), and the children. The eldest son has managed to find other places to live throughout his high school days, places with kindhearted souls who were willing to pay for all his needs including what it took to be on the football team. He’s turned out to be a wonderful young man, has a job with a place to stay–again thanks to kindhearted souls.

Another daughter is married now and living in another state with her military husband. She also found other places to stay during her high school years and folks who were willing to pay for her needs.

One boy, who is in high school now, has been living with his mother and father. What is going to happen with him now, I have no idea.

The young woman started going drastically down hill about two months ago when her kidneys and liver began to fail. She was hospitalized and put on dialysis. At times, things seem to be going fairly well. She was released from the hospital, though she was unable to care for herself and had to have dialysis three times a week. Hospitalized again, at least one time that I know of, for blood transfusions, she was sent home.

When her eldest daughter was unable to wake her, an ambulance was called–and she was pronounced dead.

Her mom called me to tell me what happened. She said, “It’s not right for a child to die before her mother.” I certainly can relate to that having lost a son to cancer. But this young woman's death was preventable.

What is my point for telling this sad story? This young woman was attractive, friendly, had wonderful children and yet all she lived for was another drink. She put vodka in water bottles to make sure she had it with her at all times. What a terrible waste!

Though I’ve heard of others who had plenty to live for losing their life to alcoholism, this was my first time I really knew the details and was this close to the devastating outcome.

As a Christian, I’m positive this young woman, who I know was a believer despite her inability to escape from alcoholism, is in Heaven, which means she is finally healed.

What is so sad is that her children have been deprived of their mother whom they all loved, a mother has lost her daughter, a sister has been left behind along with many nieces and nephews. Maybe some good will come out of it–perhaps what happened will convince others of the evil of becoming addicted to alcohol.

Tears come to my eyes just thinking about this.



BillieJohn said…
Oh Marilyn...I am so sorry to learn you had this sad heart goes out to you.
BillieJohn said…
Oh, Marilyn...I am so sorry you had such a sad condolences.

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