How Do You Plan Your Promotion?

A questions was asked of me if there were any templates or guides for marketing on the web. There may be, but I don't know of any, but there are sorts of hints from authors about what they are doing and you can adapt that for your own promotion.

Kindred Spiritsis the latest book in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series. It is due out in September and that's the book I'm pushing right now.

Joe Konrath (check him out on Google) probably has done the most aggressive and successful promotion possible for his first book--and he continues to do some great promotion. He even went so far as to put the cover of his book on his car--all over his car. My husband wasn't enthusiastic about such an idea.

However, on both my cars I've got my website on the back--magnetic signs I purchased from the Internet. Have they helped sell books? I have no idea.

Every author needs a website and a blog that they change often. There are many, many places to do that, just like right here on

One of my most helpful promo items has been my business card. I have them done at VistaPrint with the cover of my latest book on the front and the info about the book on the back. I give them to everyone wherever I am.

I always plan a book launch of some sort, usually in my home territory. This year is different, I'm headed to Crescent City for the launch because a great deal of my book is about Crescent City and a wonderful lady who lives there (she's a good friend) is putting me and my husband up and arranged everything. Eventually I'll get something figured out for Springville--where I live and the book begins and ends.

I'm scheduled for three writers conferences, a talk for my Sisters in Crime chapter, two bookstore appearances, a book festival and an Apple Festival (this is mainly a craft fair but 30,000 people attend over the weekend and I sell lots of books.

I started planning most of this at the beginning of the year knowing my book would be out in September.

Of course I'm having a virtual book tour and I've already done lots of promotion on the web and will continue to do so.



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