How I Know I'm Old though I don't Feel Like it

I'm blessed. Yes, I know I am--I'm 75 and don't feel like I could possibly be that old. I am, though, celebrated yesterday.

These are some of the things that I've done in the past 75 years:

Lived through WW II, Korean and Vietnam War.

Started working when I was 10 as a babysitter.
Other jobs I've had: office girl for a hot-rod shop, telephone operator, teacher in a school for child-development, day care, and pre-school.
Owned own business for 20 plus years: licensed residential care facility
Newsletter for residential care association.
Chairperson for Continuing Education for CRSA
Wrote and published over 20 books--mostly mysteries.

Volunteer jobs:
PTA Newsletter Editor, PTA President, Camp Fire Leader, Sunday School Teacher, President CRSA, Sunday School Teacher, (Other jobs I can't remember right now, remember how old I am.)

Most important:

Married to the same wonderful guy for 57 years
Gave birth to and raised 5 children
Grandmother to 19, great grandmother to 11.
Sister to Margie and auntie to all of her kids, great-auntie to her grandkids, and so-on.
Mother-in-law to a wonderful daughter-in-law and three great son-in-laws.

And now I'm ready for even more adventures.



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