Kindred Spirits Galley and Life

Yipee! I got the galleys for Kindred Spirits last night and
read through them carefully to make corrections--and now they've gone back to the publisher. Once the corrections are made on the proof the book can be sent to the printer.

This is the way it always is--with every publisher I've been with. Things get down to the wire and make it very nervewracking when you've got lots of promotion planned and it's imperative that you can get books on time. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I don't think it'll eve get easier.

I was supposed to go grocery shopping and do errands today--instead my husband did all that. I'm sure he would have rather done his own chores, but he didn't complain.

It's sort of like we've exchanged a few roles at this stage in our life. Back during his twenty years in the Navy, I had to take care of a lot of his business whenever he was overseas--and he was gone a lot to Bermuda, Spain, Greenland, Cuba, and three times to Vietnam. Meanwhile I maintained our home and raised our five kids and worked off and on (when I wasn't giving birth).

We worked together when we had our residential care home and he was great. Made up for all the times I was alone with our kids--he did wonderfully well with the six developmentally disabled women we cared for.

After over twenty years we retired from that too. Now I'm concentrating on my writing and promotion and he's been great. He drives me to my out of town events, helps set up, flies with me when we're going afar and helps with the bags. Together we've been lots of places in the states we'd never have seen if it weren't for the conferences and conventions we've atended.

We intend to keep doing it until we can't.

And I've got plenty planned for the promotion of Kindred Spirits.



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