Almost Too Much to Do

In my efforts to really promote Kindred Spirits, I've almost bitten off more than I can chew--and more than my husband is willing to chew along with me. (Pardon the cliche.) We just got back from Taylorville, fun but tiring, now this weekend we're headed to Barstow for a family reunion. Not a promo thing, but I've been asked to bring books--and the date was set nearly a year ago.

The following week we're supposed to go to Bank of Books in Ventura where I was to give a talk about Creating Believable Characters but there may be a snag in that one. The publicity person who set it up is no longer there so I'm having someone check on it for me.

Anyway, there's something every weekend or during the week all through October and November. Hubby is getting frustrated because he can't get any of his own projects finished. Of course he's so worn out form all the dragging around I've done with him, he spends a lot of time snoozing in front of the TV. Of course this is after he's done all his regular chores which includes feeding the inside and outside cats and his dog.

I was supposed to go to my critique group tonight, but I'm exhausted too. I had a meeting this a.m. I had to attend and then write a newsletter from information gleaned from the meeting.

Tomorrow I must cook up the hamburger and cut the onions and green peppers for the chili I'll be making for the reunion. That will have to be put together on site. And of course, there's packing to be done. Thank goodness for a college age granddaughter who is willing to feed the cats and dog while we're gone.

Anyway, instead of writing this blog I need to get back to work.



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