Crescent City and a Wonderful Book Launch

I can't begin to explain how wonderful the whole of last week was. Driving to Crescent City is a pleasure after you reach Willits--from their on the scenery is spectacular driving through redwoods, and I spotted a bull Elk in a river bed, and ocean scenery along the way.

When we arrived at our friends the McKinseys home, after the hugs it was time to play catch-up on all that's transpired in the last four years. Later that day, Junie Mattice, the Tolowa woman who inspired part of my latest Tempe Crabtree mystery and two of the characters, came to visit. Even though we'd spent only about three hours together the time we met, we've kept up our friendship through emails and it was like seeing an old friend. I gave her a copy of Kindred Spirits which she managed to read over the night.

The next a.m. when we met again at the Ana Wulf Bed and Breakfast, she told me she loved the book and about a mistake she'd found. There already was one mistake I knew about--a biggie--her last name is wrong in my dedication to her.

We had two sittings for the luncheon and both were filled. People actually paid to have lunch, receive a book and talk to Junie and me--and they seemed thrilled. After the good food was consumed both Junie and I spoke--me about Kindred Spirits and Junie told about her life as a Tolowa, their near extinction through genocide by the white folks who wanted the Tolowa's land.

In the second session, Junie's sister, a Tolowa storyteller, graced us with two stories.

The luncheons were a huge success and I know Junie was a pleased as I was. One thing I know, Junie and I are kindred spirits as well.

The following evening we met again in the Crescent City Library where we talked about the book, the Tolowa and a little bit about writing and getting published. Some of the guests from the luncheon came to hear it all over again.

It was hard to tell Junie goodbye. She was heading off to Chico State where she's working on her Masters Degree. We left the next morning.

I can't thank my friend Ellen enough for all the work she put into making these events so successful. She is about ready to promote a book of her own, which I'll write about in another post.

Hubby and I decided to come home another way, through Oregon and down to 5 and past Mount Shasta (a dormant volcano which is huge and beautiful), past Crater Lake and on down through mountain communities and then farm land--lots and lots of farm land.

I'm exhausted but truly happy--what a wonderful time I had.



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