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I just returned from the WOW conference in Scottsdale AZ and have tons of work to do--as usual, but it was a terrific conference. A highlight for me was meeting and introducing thriller writer, David Morrell (First Blood-Rambo and many others).

Of course I met many, many more lovely and great people. Becca Buckley should be commended for putting on a "Wow" of a conference.

The big thing I heard from all of the speakers--except the New York publishers--was things are changing. Small presses are blooming, ways of selling books are changing.

Since I just got home have mountains of work to do so that's it for now.



"Sunshine" said…
Hi Marilyn,

I was at the WOW conference too--it was my first writing conference, and I had a great time! I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed what you had to say. I especially thank you for the heads-up about labeling posts in Blogger.

Thanks again,
Carissa Hayden
Marilyn said…
Hi Carissa, thanks for your comments. It's always nice to know you've been appreciated!


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