Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays. When I was a kid it was a time to gather as many free goodies as possible. I grew up during WWII and candy wasn't easy to come by. Sugar was rationed, so even the baking of cakes and cookies was limited. My grammar school went all out for Halloween. Everyone wore their costumes to school and we paraded around the school yard. (I have old movies to prove it.) Then we returned in the evening for bobbing for apples, other old fashioned games and lots of goodies.

When I had my own kids, the oldest ones took the younger ones trick-or-treating, and I had the great fun of handing out the treats. Some years I dressed as a hag or something else scary. My favorite was when I made a scary looking box and the kids had to reach inside for their treat.

One of my nephews dressed up like a skeleton with a skull mask and a skeleton hand to give out the candy. He scared everyone so much that he didn't have to hand out much candy, instead the kids went screaming away from the house.

I've always loved scary movies (not the slasher kind), haunted houses, ghosts, and all things that go bump in the night.

Now we live at the end of a long, dark lane and very few kids are brave enough to traipse down here. I buy the candy, but we end up eating it.

Happy Halloween all you ghouls and goblins out there!



Joan said…
Like you I live at the end of the street and do not get trick or treaters. Just in case some do come I buy candy I know I will eat later. Happy Halloween.
Jean Henry Mead said…
Yes, Halloween can be alot of fun when you have young ones around. I miss that now that mine have scattered to the four winds. BTW, I wrote the history of Halloween and the customs around the world at Murderous Musings: http://murderousmusings.blogspot.com/

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