Moving Right Along

Here's a new book trailer for Kindred Spirits.

It's really a lot of work to promote a book. Blogging is great, but you must keep putting new content onto your blog to keep it interesting so people will want to come back.

It's also important to post on the listserves that you belong to, so people remember you and your book.

I've sent a lot of books off to folks for review and so far have only received three reviews. Two were wonderful, one was okay. The okay one kind of gives away the end, and also let me know that the reviewer doesn't understand that there are different kinds of mysteries, some are not puzzles, some the detective or sleuth knows or suspects who the murderer is but has to find a way to prove it--more or less what happens in Kindred Spirits.

My calendar is full of book signings, book and craft fairs, in fact, something is happening every weekend except for Thanksgiving weekend and including the first weekend in December.

And of course, I'm on a virtual book tour which means I need to check in ever so often at the blog sites.

That's only part of what's going on. The real life part of living is pretty hectic too.



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