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"Finished Marilyn Meredith's KINDRED SPIRITS, and was sorry it ended.

As always, I enjoy entering Tempe Crabtree's world. In this book, not only is there a murder--in the midst of one of those awful California fires we hear so much about--it's all tied up with
the Tolowa Indians and what our ancestors did to eradicate them. Not a pretty part of our history, but important for us to learn, I think.

Their story repeats, with even more devastation, what also happened to the Plains Indians in my area. (I was born in Oklahoma--Indian Territory--and now live next to one section of the
Cherokee's Trail of Tears.)

I continue to be amazed at how much truth, be it history, or current problems, that we can learn through reading fiction. I often speak of the importance of reading fiction in our learning
process. For example, many novels hold the voices of our past, even when the material substance of those voices has vanished.

That's certainly the case in this novel. And I am familiar enough with this author to trust the truth of what her novels teach me. I have enjoyed every one I've read!" Radine Trees Nehring


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