Book Promotion and Etc.

I'll begin with the Etc.

After I finally was able to print out the writing job I'd been paid for (Word was giving me a hard time with page numbers--it was like a gremlin was at work busily changing numbers like crazy) and getting it ready for mailing, I headed down to Porterville to take care of some business. I was so frustrated I needed to get away from my computer for awhile. (I have three more writing jobs pending plus a ghost writing gig that may or may not come through. I need to get started on a new Rocky Bluff P.D. book. I do have ideas racing around in my head.)

Today I'm headed to Russo's Books on Ming in Bakersfield for a book signing from 12 to 2. As I've stated before, bookstores are my least favorite places for promotion. However, I love Russo's and lovely independent store. I try to do at least one signing there a year. I've sent out lots of email notices and a few snail mail letters. We'll see how that works out.

Next weekend I'll be with several other authors at the Chowchilla Library for a book festival from 10:30 to 2:30. I've done some online promo.

We have no bookstores in either Springville where I live or Porterville which is the nearest big city. I have to find other places to have signings. The weekend of December 6th I'll be in the Jenuine Junque (a unique second-hand store) from 10 a.m. to 5. Advertised as a time to come talk to me about my latest book, Kindred Spirits, buy a book for a Christmas present, and talk about writing or just visiting. I'll be bringing cookies. (In case you're near Springville and want to come, the store is on Highway 190 next to the parking lot of Sequoia Dawn.)

The following weekend, December 12 and 13, from 10 to 5 both days, I'll be in Porterville at the Art Association's Gallery. While the artists are selling their wares, I'll have a table with my books available. I'm taking cookies there too. (This one is located on Main St. in Porterville. There is parking behind the Subway store, the Art Gallery, is across the street, but on the same side as the Subway.)

For both events I should have some publicity in the local newspapers. I've given books and information about both my book and what I'll be doing to the editor of one and the events editor of another.

For me, these events are far better than getting my books in bookstores. I recently received a royalty check from one of my publishers for the sale of two older books both in the $13 range that sold through regular bookstores. The check was for $1.26.

That's when reality sets in. Even if my books were selling big in regular bookstores, by the time the bookstore gets its cut, then Ingram, then the publisher, there's not much left for me.



N.L. Belardes said…
I am bummed that I missed your signing. I just read this. A day late and a dollar short, as always.

I used to have a copy of "Deadly Omens." The darned thing fell apart! I remember meeting the publisher a few times. Can't remember her name. We talked about a few ventures, then she sort of melted away into the sunset. Whatever happened to her? She still publishing your works?

Not many of us Central Valley writers here toward the southern end of the valley.

I'm really pleased to be starting up a new Bakersfield news site soon. It's going to have a non-fiction section where writers from all over can submit, and a selected few will have access to write whenever they want.

It will be a first, I think (I could be wrong and often am) for the Central Valley, in having a writers area built right in to a news site.

Let me know if you're interested in being a part. Contact me on myspace at or email me at I would love to have Valley Writers, though I am reaching out to writers from all over the world, a core group of which I met through TheNervousBreakdown.

Thank you so much for commenting over on TheNervousBreakdown. It was awesome to read your busride memories. - nick

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