Book Review of Billy

Billy, by William Paul McKay & Ken Abraham, published by Thomas Nelson

Though I’ve read other books about Billy Graham, Billy takes an entirely different look at Billy Graham through the eyes of a good friend and fellow evangelist, Charles Templeton. Unfortunately Templeton loses his faith and tries to convince Billy that he’s naive to continue believing in the Bible as truth.

The story begins with Billy reveling in a baseball win at high school and follows him as he attends his first revival meeting–the beginning of his search for what he should do in life. While attending college he meets the love of his life, Ruth.

Billy’s faith develops and grows as he becomes a successful evangelist while at the same time, as Charles also becomes a successful preacher, his faith is shattered. While at Forest Home, a mountain top retreat, Charles does his best to shake Billy’s faith and nearly succeeds. Billy calls out to God and God speaks to him.

From the retreat, Billy goes on to have his first tent meetings in Los Angeles. He preached to drunks and movie stars as well as the ordinary person, offering them the chance to accept Jesus Christ as their redeemer. I particularly enjoyed this part as I attended a few of these meetings when I was fifteen and my parents were volunteer workers for this first Billy Graham Crusade.

I remember the huge tent and all the people, and the spiritual excitement as throngs who went forward when Mr. Graham called people to come forward and accept Christ as their Savior.

The book ends with a final meeting between Billy and Charles when both are elderly. Despite Charles’ lack of faith, Billy still loves his friends.

For those who like to read about influential people who are guided by their faith in God, I recommend Billy.

Marilyn Meredith


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