Email and Me

Every day I do all the many things everyone else does, just to get going.

Part of my schedule is reading emails. I get work through my emails: I work for a ghostwriting company and I always receive my jobs through email and I usually do all my back-and-forth interviewing for the ghostwriting the same way. I'm still doing program designs for people wanting to get into the residential care business--and I'm continuing on as the newsletter editor for one of the organizations for that industry. Besides getting queries for the program designs via email, that also is how I receive most of my news about the industry.

Of course email is the major way of keeping up with the writing industry as well as major promotion.

Though I still go out and do lots of personal promotion--more than half of my promotion is done online.

This Saturday (the 15th) I'll be at Russo's Books in the Marketplace on Ming Ave. in Bakersfield. Though this date was set during the summer, I went to their website and noticed my signing wasn't on the calendar. Since I've been plugging the signing for awhile, I quickly emailed Mike Russo who apologized and immediately put me on the calendar--oversight on his part.

Email is how I find out about many of my in-person gigs. Next weekend, Saturday, Nov.22) I'll be at the Chowchilla Library (10:30 to 2:30) at a bookfair. Notice of this came to my in-box.

I'm going to have a get-together and book signing at Jenuine Junque (a fun up-scale second hand store) in my hometown of Springville on Saturday, December 6th. I'm putting up posters and handing out flyers--but the majority of my promo is and will be via email.

The following Saturday (December 13th) I'll be joining artists from 10 to 5 in the Porterville Art Gallery, my books will be on sale along with the paintings. I met the president of the Porterville Art Association when I was selling books at the Apple Festival and she mentioned me joining them as a possibility and gave me her card. I followed up via email and was given the go-ahead the same way.

After all this I must confess that I have a phobia about making phone calls, email has been wonderful for me. Not only that, I can write an email anytime of day or night without worrying about finding someone home or disturbing a meal.

Email is probably the most wonderful invention to come along--at least for me.



Dana Fredsti said…
I love email, but it's a huge time and attention sucker. I also miss the fun of getting letters in the mail...
Marilyn said…
Yes, I agree about taking up lots of time. The only one I got really long letters from was my mom and now she's gone. But I feel about the email like I used to feel about the other mail.

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