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I was thrilled to receive this review:

"I recently had the pleasure of reviewing KINDRED SPIRITS, the seventh title in Marilyn Meredith‛s well-received Tempe Crabtree series. Tempe must deal with the history and culture of the Tolowa tribe in this latest case involving an artist found dead in her studio after a forest fire. Husband Hutch is a Christian minister whose views on Indian culture and spirituality have sometimes been problematic, causing tension in his and Tempe's marriage. But in this novel, Hutch becomes more supportive of Tempe‛s work and her views on life and religion.

"I enjoyed this book mainly because of the unique characters involved in the story. Meredith's knowledge of Native American history and a plot involving several suspects added much appreciated depth of the story. If you'd like to read my full review of the book, please visit and search under 'Authors' for Marilyn Meredith."

Mary V. Welk

The Rhodes to Murder mystery series, including A Merry Little Murder
In print from Echelon Press LLC
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lastnerve said…
Kindred Spirits looks like a GREAT book. Did I read that this was the 7th book? I just want to know if there is an order that I need to purchase them in. Great blog there girlie!

Take Care
Val said…

Congratulations on your latest title. Do you sell them in any ebooks format?

Even if you don't here's a code worth 40% off any ebook at (through the end of 2008)

The code is: THANKU

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Clint Brauer
General Manager

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