Thanksgiving Redux

Oh, my, I truly am thankful for my family--especially after this Thanksgiving.

I woke Thanksgiving morning sick! We managed to pack our things and get on the road by 9. It was a bit foggy, rained some, but we arrived in Camarillo--though our Magellan certainly took us on the scenic route-- in plenty of time for our Thanksgiving dinner. Fortunate for me--and everyone else--daughter Lori had everything organized and cooking away. First time I haven't had to cook Thanksgiving dinner in years. Certainly worked out for the best.

Those who joined us for the feast were Lori's family, husband and two adult sons (one was home from the Aspen Police Academy, in two weeks he'll be graduated), the other is an electrician and their daughter, Alyssa, a sophmore in high school. Our eldest daughter, Dana and hubby Mike, arrived with their always present companion, Archie, the golden retriever. Son, Matthew, his wife, and daughter, Jessica, were with us too.

The food looked wonderful. Unfortunately, nothing tasted wonderful until the next day, when I thoroughly enjoyed the left-overs. The granddaughters and Lori left at 11 p.m. to hit one of the stores that opened then--can you imagine?

In the morning, all of us girls and Matthew went to Target and then to the Oaks mall where no one had been told anything about the economy since it was crowded and people were buying like mad. (I should have stayed in bed but wanted to buy the girls their Christmas presents.)

Matt and his family went home, but the rest of us went home long enough to gather the men and went to see Four Christmases. Pretty funny and an easy thing for a sick person to do.

Despite being sick, I had a great time hearing everyone's news and getting to see those I don't get to see often.

Friday night I had the weirdest dreams and remember them when I woke. We all had a delicious breakfast (yes, I could taste stuff by this time), said our goodbyes and headed home.

I am so thankful for an uneventful trip there and back, and for such a wonderful family.



Sue McGinty said…
I totally agree with this review. Marilyn's work just keeps getting better and better.

Sue McGinty, author "Murder in Los Lobos."

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