To Blog or Not to Blog

I read a lot of blogs and post on several regularly–including this one, which is my own. Sometimes it’s hard to come out with something interesting to say. Since today is election day, I could talk about the election, but I made up my mind and voted absentee ballot a long time ago. No matter who wins, things are not going to be mixed right away after the new president takes office.

I wasn’t thrilled with either of the candidates. Unfortunately, the old saying, “politics corrupts” is all too true. In order to even run for office, a candidate has to make concessions, often concession that even he doesn’t believe in.

But no matter, that’s not my point here, I’m supposed to be talking about blogs.

I try to put something on every day. I have no idea whether that’s helpful or not, but I have a lot of followers though I don’t know if that means they read my posts or not. I glance through the posts of people I’m following and most of what they have to say isn’t very interesting–I hope I’m doing a better job.

Every Tuesday, I post on the Stilleto Gang.
It is is a blog for cozy writers. I never thought my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries were cozies–but I don’t use bad language or write about explicit sex–so maybe that’s why my series qualifies. On that blog, I’ve noticed that some of my fellow authors have beliefs quite different from mine though no one has come right out and said they are for or against anything–but I’ve learned to notice the nuances. That’s what makes it fun. We are all unique.

I’m very fond of this blog because of the diversity of the topics and the bloggers, and I hope that readers enjoy the diversity.

Another fun post I do regularly is Make Mine Murder. . I post on the first and third Tuesdays with that one.

There are other blogs that I post on ever so often. The one thing about blogs is that it helps if people make comments–so I try to make a comment on every post I read. You also should sign up to be a follower of any blog you really enjoy.

Some blogs are just fun to read. Others are more promotion than anything. When I go on a blog tour, I get interviewed, am asked to post first chapters, tell where my plot came from and all sorts of interesting things. A lot of blogs have writing tips, or grammar and punctuation rules.

Times have truly changed. Whether or not blogging helps with the promotion of one’s books, I have no idea–but it has certainly created a community that no one even imagined merely a couple of years ago.

Blog on–



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