Veteran's Day

Hubby and I have spent this Veteran's Day much like most others. Though he is a veteran of 21 years in the Seabees--and I'm a 21 year veteran as a Seabee's wife--though extremely proud of his time spent serving his country, he doesn't talk about it much. He's not one of these vets who hangs around the VFW talking about the war years.

Though he spent time in other countries: Spain, Cuba, Bermuda, Greenland, Alaska and three tours of duty in Vietnam during the war, once he got out of the service he moved on. He finally devoted his time to being a dad to his five kids, learning how to fix washing machines etc. for Sears, and after 15 years of that, moving with me and the one teenager left at home to Springville, where together we owned and operated a home for six developmentally disabled women. We did that for 23 years.

Now, in our senior years, he mostly does chores around this old house of ours and goes with me on book selling trips and mystery conventions. We've had a great time--flying to cities we'd never even thought about visiting, making all sorts of new friends. We're having fun and isn't that what you're supposed to do when you're in your 70's?

When we're flying somewhere though, and he's wearing his Seabee cap, he can't help being pleased when some young person thanks him for his service--something that never happened during the Vietnam War.

To all of the veterans and their families--enjoy the day and enjoy one another.



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