Best Intentions Go Astray

Yep, I had every intention of doing more work on the new Rocky Bluff P.D. book.

First, though, I read my email, took care of stuff that needed to be done. I did a couple of loads of wash, changed the sheets on the bed, cleaned one of the bathrooms. Started to write, but husband sat down and asked me some questions. He went after the mail and came back with some things that needed to be taken care of.

After I did that, decided I'd go ahead and do all the bookkeeping for the end of the month. Once I finished, though I should just go ahead and set up the books for next year and do some stuff to prepare for doing income tax. When I'd finished it was time to cook dinner.

Made the best potato soup for supper--everyone liked it.

By that time, I was through for the day.

Hubby and I watched a DVD, he left to go to church, and I'm headed to bed.

Wanted to write about how easy it is to not do what you intended.

Tomorrow I hope to at least do a couple of pages though I do have a hair appointment right after lunch. And of course tomorrow is New Years Eve. No, I don't have big plans except to make pizza from scratch. Haven't done that in a long while.

And then there's New Year's Day. No writing then.

Ah well, there's all of 2009!

Happy New Year!



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