Countdown to Christmas

I have a feeling no one is reading blogs during the holiday season. Since writing a blog is a way of putting off what I really should be doing--working on my next book--here I am.

I've only two gifts left to wrap, one I didn't plan to buy and one for someone I didn't know was coming to our Christmas Eve celebration.

Because I'm the cook, I'm preparing all things easy--a turkey (yes, baking a turkey is easy), Stove top dressing, instant mashed potatoes (the ones that are flavored), granddaughter is making the green bean casserole, gravy from a jar, green jello salad with Kool-Whip and crushed pineapple. Pies from the bakery.

Christmas Day we'll have left-overs and I'm cooking a standing rib roast--also easy.

Oh, I do know how to make all those things from scratch and have many, many years--but this time I want it to be easy for me. The older I get, the less I feel like doing things that are work.

I'm blessed that I'll have lots of family around and that so far I seem to be healthy--as opposed to Thanksgiving where I was too ill to enjoy as much as I'd hoped for.

One thing I've noticed this holiday season when you're out and about, if you keep on smiling you'll be surprised how many people smile back at you. Definitely works for me.

A cloud is sitting right on top of us and it's raining. We need rain, but it makes it awfully gloomy. I'll take my own advice and smile at everyone who comes into the house today as I don't plan on going out.



bridget3420 said…
I completely agree with you on the part about smiling. I am a naturally smiley person and I can see the change in people when they look at me. I think people get so busy that they forget about the small things. Merry Christmas!
Marilyn said…
Thank you, and I do think we're both right--smiling makes a difference in everyone's world including our own.
Kim Smith said…
Hey Marilyn! Just poppin in to say hi and hope your holiday is going well!

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