More About the Two Young MenThat Were Stabbed

My granddaughter reported that the son of her senior pastor was stabbed to death and his best friend, also a son of a preacher was stabbed at the same time but expected to live.

Because these two young men, both 21, were sons of preachers, my first thought unfortunately was that they were someplace they shouldn't have been. There is a general feeling that preacher's kids are wilder than most. And of all people, I shouldn't believe that. After all, two of my granddaughters are preacher's kids or PKs as they are often referred to in the church world.
The oldest is the mother of three great kids, works with the church kids, volunteers for everything at the schools her kids go to, and she and her husband take in strays--and I'm not talking about animals--stray teens who have no where else to go.

The other daughter is also grown, worked all through high school and is still working, helped her husband build their home, and is expecting her first child.

One of our pastors at our church a few years ago had three daughters, all three have turned out great.

Of course there are some PKs who rebel during their growing up years, I knew some of them too. Even Billy Graham's son had some problems.

But it's always dangerous to generalize. And I was guilty in this case.

As it turns out the young men stepped in to stop a fight. Something few people do, and in this case it didn't turn out well.

My heart goes out to the two families and friends. What a tragedy.



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