Report on My Art Gallery Signing and more

The more I write about these appearances, the more I realize I'm somewhat of a Pollyanna. If you don't know what that means, you are much younger than I am--which most people are.

Pollyanna was a fictional character who always looked on the bright side of everything. If she broke her leg, she'd say gaily, "It's so wonderful that I only broke on leg."

My first stop on Friday was Coffee Etc. where I picked up my first batch of cookies. Luwana, who owns the shop with her husband, is a great cook. The cookies were fantastic! From there hubby drove me down the hill to Porterville and the Art Gallery. My table was set up in the back of the room (took care of it the night before) and I greeted everyone, put the cookies on the refreshment table and settled myself for the long day ahead.

A long day was right--hardly anyone came in despite all sorts of publicity by the Art Club and me. I sold one book and that was to one of the artists. I did meet lots of people--the artists--and had some lovely conversations.

Saturday we woke up to rain. Ugh! Picked up more cookies and arrived at the gallery a little before ten. Despite the weather, more people dropped in and looked at the paintings, the greeting cards, the jewelry offerings, ate lots of cookies, and my actually looked at my books.

I sold 16 by the time the day was over and handed out far more cards to people.

Three of my friends stopped in, chatted and bought a book. I also met a lot more people and talked about my writing. I always feel like if I've visited with someone, given them a card, there's always the possibility they'll visit my website, read the first chapters of some of my books, and perhaps order one.

Hubby came and picked me up around five, we packed up the car and headed toward the mountains and a Christmas party put on by our church. It was great fun even though I really just wanted to go home and to bed.

The next morning, I taught my Sunday School class. Had two boys--both of whom have some behavior problems, one way more than the other. We discussed the lesson, all about the angels visiting Mary and Joseph to let them know about Jesus' impending birth. Despite the boys' behavior, they knew this story already. From there we spent a lot of time talking about getting in trouble at school and ways to avoid this. I won't go into detail, but it's amazing how much two 10 year-olds are willing to reveal to a great-grandma.

I told my husband though I feel far too old to be teaching these kids, I do have a soft-spot in my heart for troubled boys--goodness knows, we've had enough of them in our family. Guess I'm doing what I'm supposed to be.

Today, no matter what, I must get busy wrapping Christmas gifts.

I'm being interviewed on the radio this evening at 5:30 P.M. PST.



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