Saying Goodbye to 2008

Hubby asked if we were going to stay up to see the New Year in--I said I'd try, but would probably be in bed long before midnight.

I thought back about all the New Year's Eves we've celebrated. We've gone to fancy dinners and dances in many different places. One I remember most was on the Hueneme Navy Base in the Bard mansion that was reported to be haunted. Don't remember seeing any ghosts, but do remember having a nice dinner and dancing all evening. (Haven't been able to get my husband on the dance floor for years.)

Another New Year's Even I remember well was when hubby was in Vietnam so I offered to babysit all the neighbor kids for the night so their parents could go out. I don't remember exactly how many, but there was a bunch, and it was like a crowded slumber party.

When my kids were young, the big refreshment for New Years Eve was always root beer floats.

When my husband and I had our residential care home, root beer floats along with lots of snick snacks were the rule for New Years Eve. One New Years we invited another care home to bring their residents to celebrate New Years with us-- after the goodies and while watching a movie, by nine o'clock everyone had fallen asleep in their chairs. The other providers decided they might as well gather up their ladies and go on home.

Because we live in the country and everyone around us seems to have guns, whether we are asleep or not when it's time to say hello to 2009, we'll know doubt we awakened by gunfire. I'll roll over and give hubby a New Years kiss.

2008 was a good year. I had two new books come out, Smell of Death and Kindred Spirits. We traveled many interesting places, made new friends and renewed old friendships. We spent some quality time with our family near and far as well as our Springville friends.

We were blessed.

Happy New Year to all of you!



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