Success in the Back Room of the Antique Store

I had no idea how it would go for me to have a booksigning in the back room of an antique store. To bolster my chances for success, I gave my book to the local newspaper editor along with information about my event. She praised the book, Kindred Spirits, called it my best ever and there was information about the book signing.

To help more, I sent invitations out to all my friends in Springville (where I live and the antique store is located), plus a lot of Internet advertising.

What really helped, I think, was a lot was going on in Springville yesterday. The Zonta Club was having a big arts and craft sale in the Memorial Building along with a tour of large homes all decorated for the holidays. Others took advantage of extra people in town and also had big sales going on in their stores or out on the sidewalk.

And yes, a lot of people on tour did stop by the antique store and pop into the back room. However, more people came because of my invites and the article in the paper.

The hot cider was an absolute hit as were the cookies which were made for me special by Coffee Etc., our only coffee place in town.

(The hot cider is so easy to make. I do it in a big electric coffee pot. Squeeze three or four oranges and put the juice in the pot, toss in about 3 cinnamon sticks, and pour in as much apple cider as will fill your pot and plug in. Doesn't take long before the aroma will entice everyone.)

While there I got to see and visit with lots of old friends and made some new ones.

A young reporter from the Porterville Recorder (the city that's 17 miles down the hill) came to interview me. She was darling, had just graduated from high school this past June.

When no one was there, I drank cider and ate cookies, but I really wasn't alone much. I sold over $200 worth of books--definitely surprised me.

Now next week, Friday and Saturday, I'll have a table all day at the back of the Porterville Art Gallery which is on Main St. same side as the subway shop, but across the street two doors. There should be more newspaper publicity and I sent out invitations to those I knew in Porterville, including my critique group. I'm bringing cookies but not any apple cider. I don't know where the bathroom is yet, but you can be sure I'll find out.



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