What's the Point of All This Social Networking?

A minute ago I just wrote on someone's Facebook wall--nothing important, but she'd written something on my wall and I was responding. Was it anything important? No. I'd written about Christmas shopping and the other person wanted to know if I'd had fun wrapping the presents. I wrote back to tell her I hadn't done it as yet, because I'd decorated the house instead.

Then I sent another message to someone I knew telling her about a book I'd finished and enjoyed by an author we both know and like.

What does this all have to do with writing or promoting books? Not a whole lot.

In the meanwhile I was thinking about what I needed to cook for dinner. I'd just finished signing a bunch of Christmas cards I intend to hand out at church (saving on postage that way), and instead of going into the kitchen, I decided to peek at my e-mail.

While pondering if I was just wasting time, I decided that talking to people via email or on face book or twitter was one way of feeling connected to others. It also makes a nice break when you're in the middle of mundane tasks. That's the good side.

On the not so good side, is that it is a terrible time waster. But is it so terrible to waste a bit of time once in awhile? I don't think so.

Tomorrow I have a big day. I'm heading to a local antique shop, Jenuine Junque, here in Springville around 9:30 I'll make a stop at Coffee Etc. to pick up cookies the owner, and friend, made for me. After I set up my books in the back room, plug in my pot of hot cider and arrange the cookies, I'll wait patiently for someone to come and talk to me about my books and maybe buy one or two. There was a good article in the local weekly about the event and I sent out invitations to people I knew. We'll see how that works.

Anyway, I'm doing it again, aren't I? By writing this post, I'm delaying my dinner preparations. I'm headed there now, I'm making a concoction with left-over turkey--no, not from Thanksgiving, but from the dinner I made on Wednesday so we'd have left-overs. It's going to be some sort of oriental dish with noodles and stir-fry vegies.

And I'm off....



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