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Public Safety Writers Association Conference

Plans for next year's PSWA Writers Conference are underway.

We’re delighted to announce the addition of Betty Webb as our keynote speaker at Saturday’s lunch. Betty is the author of the prize winning and much acclaimed, hard-boiled Lena Jones books, which are based on stories she covered as a reporter, include Desert Noir, Desert Wives, Desert Shadows, Desert Run and Desert Cut. Her much softer Gunn Zoo series debuted last December with The Anteater of Death. Currently a creative writing teacher at Phoenix College, Betty is a member of National Federation of Press Women, Mystery Writers of America, and the Society of Southwest Authors. Her topic is: "From Hard-boiled to Darn Near Cozy, and Why I Dunnit."


Victoria Heckman, Friday’s Keynote luncheon speaker will talk about "The Journey Is Everything" or "Where The Hell's The AAA When You Need It?" about the journey to becoming a writer and how it parallels our own life journeys.

Victoria Heckman …

Graduation and so on

The graduation was lovely, the kids with marital problems got back together, and life got sort of back to normal. I say sort of because the bathroom still isn't done, and somehow, rats (yes, rats) managed to take up residence in a closet near the bathroom. One of our cats discovered them, husband and grandson got rid of lots, the cat has managed to round up a couple of more. Ugh! I hope they're all gone.

In the meantime I finished the ghost writing project I'd been working on and I'm only a few pages from finishing my own work in progress. And because my latest Tempe is coming out in September, I've been busy setting up the promotion for it.

Of course I'm still promoting the books I've got on hand. I had a booth at a flea market in Temecula where we have two grown grandkids with families--we stayed with one and then the other and had fun visiting the great-grands.

I'm also reading books for a prestigious contest--one I help judge every year.

So I've bee…

Life and Writing

Yes, life does get in the way of writing. Though Iknow what a pain it is to remodel, we're now in the middle of redoing a bathroom. It's a major project as everything at that end of the house was built in a ramshakle fashion. And like most contractors, the workers never show up when they say they are coming. This guy was smart though, he didn't say how long the job would take. The room is at the end of a long hall with my office at the other end. There's no door on my office and it's the only way to get into the rest of the house--so that's going on.

I'm trying to work on my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree novel which I was half way through when I got side-tracked to ghost write a thriller. Of course I did it because the money was good.

We have a grown grandson living with us who likes to check on what I'm doing, somewhat like my husband, he'll come and sit in the extra chair in my office.

Our next to youngest granddaughter is graduating from high school t…