Ah, the Writing Life and Just Life in General

Somehow I've got to figure out how to keep up with all these promo duties and updating blog spots and answering emails and still keeping up with my writing and life itself.

Writing in this blog is similar to writing in a diary. When I was a teenager, I kept a dairy faithfully all through junior high and high school--that is until I met my future husband on a blind date. When my life got interesting, that's when I quit writing.

H'mmm, does that mean my life isn't interesting anymore?

Actually it is, just not quite the same as it was when I first fell in love. Love is better now, even if it's for the same man that I've loved and been married to for over 57 years. He's become my very best friend. And that love resulted in five kids, 18 grandkids, and 10 greats with another on the way. Which really means that our love has increased that many times.

With a big family like ours something is always going on--not always good, but more often wonderful.

And that's enough diary writing for now.



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