Big News!

I was going to write about the Presidential Inauguration and parade which I watched, but just received a phone call with much bigger news, at least as per our family.

In a previous blog I wrote about the loss of my cousin. I just hung up the phone from my middle daughter who has been in the hospital with her youngest girl (my granddaughter) since yesterday. Merenda, who previously lost a baby, gave birth at 11:35 a.m. to a 6 pound 11 ounce girl. They've named her Jaslyn (after daddy Jason) Machela (not sure of the spelling.) Yes, my family is good at coming up with unusual names. I supposed because I didn't.

This new baby gives me 12 great-grandchildren!

What a delight. Probably won't get to see her for a couple of weeks. Hope to go up with my daughter on one of the many trips I know she'll be making back and forth.

Been an exciting day all the way around.



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