Finally, My Computer is Back!

My computer was making a weird noise, hubby said he thought it was probably dirty. He vacuumed out the back, but said he could see more dirt in there. We didn't have any tool to take the side off so Monday we hauled it to the computer hospital. Once it was gone, I cleaned my office.

I could still get email on my Blackberry, but there was lots I needed to do with the computer, so I started making a list. I also did some writing, different scenes for my new book. Weird to be writing with pen and paper, so much faster on a computer.

I also went to the doc's for my regular check-up and grocery shopping. Really was having computer withdrawal though.

Got the call today that my computer was ready--sent husband off right away to get it. Everything is now hooked back up and I feel like a part of my brain that was missing has now been replaced.

Trying to wade through all the things I need to do, but since I couldn't blog yesterday, decided I'd better do it right away today.

While reading my emails yesterday, two people had my books as favorites on their best reads of 2008--Smell of Death and Deadly Omen. Made me feel good even if Smell of Death can only be ordered from me--and Deadly Omen can too, though it's also still available from Amazon.

Now, back to my list.



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