Giving a Presentation

Today I gave a presentation at the Porterville Women's Club. I love talking about writing and my books. It's been a long while since I've talked to this group, but amazingly I recognized several of the faces and people recognized me too.

I took the last three books in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series--Calling the Dead, Kindred Spirits and Judgment Fire. I told them about the three women who inspired my main character, Tempe Crabtree: The resident deputy of Springville who I interviewed for a personality piece in the newspaper who told me about her job and how difficult it was to work with the male deputies; the Porterville P.D. office I rode along with one night and when there were no calls for about three hourse told me all about her life as a single mother and her hardships in a male-oriented profession; and the lovely Indian woman who grew up on the reservation and told me stories about her growing up years.

I also gave them a thumb nail sketch of each book. In Calling the Dead, Tempe performs a ceremony to call back the dead to find out the truth about death that looks like murder and nearly loses her own life. In Judgment Fire, Tempe learns why she was reluctant to embrace her Native American heritage. Kindred Spirits takes Tempe to Crescent City where she learns about the Tolowa people and to Santa Barbara where she confronts a murderer and once again her life is threatened.

And yes, I did sell some books and I hope those who got them will enjoy spending time with Tempe.



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