Goals for 2009

Should have done this earlier, but what the hey, it's still January, right?

1. Begin the day thanking God for all my blessings--and I have lots. (I already thank him every morning for giving me another day.)

2. Spend more time with family and friends.

(I regret that I didn't get to see my cousin Betty before she passed away. We almost made it a couple of times last year. I went to her sister's church--the one I went to when I was growing up--family camp but didn't arrive until after she'd already left, the same day. Though invited, she was unable to make our family reunion in the fall.)

3. Take one day off a week to spend with my husband. (We've been doing that, mostly
going to a movie and out to eat, just the two of us.)

4. Get to my writing first thing in the morning, do emails and promo once I've written what I can for the day.

5. Be more organized about doing my blog posts. Check my calendar to see which ones I need to do the next day--or post ahead.

6. Take the time to exercise. Not because I'm worried about my figure--it's far too late for that--but just to feel better.

7. Go through my stuff--a bit at a time and get rid of what I no longer use.

8. Same with my clothes. This is a good time to do that because we're moving from our upstairs bedroom to one downstairs. Would be much easier to get rid of some of the clothes ahead of time. In fact, I hope to do what I saw on TV, take 10 minutes a day to go through and get rid of stuff. Good idea--we'll see if I can do it.

9. Don't eat anything after dinner! Anytime I do, I suffer from heartburn. You'd think I'd learn.

10. Thanking God at the end of the day and praying for those who need prayer.

These aren't resolutions, just my goals for the coming year--and I think they are things that I can actually accomplish.



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