Gran Torino

Hubby and I took the morning off to do errands and go to the movies. We enjoy going to the first movie of the day (this time it was 11:40 a.m.) because often we're the only ones there. Not so today.

As we took our seats, more and more men of a certain age (near to my husband's and mine) came in and took a seat. (Hubby said, "Look at all the vets." and that's what they may have been, or else just Clint Eastwood fans.)

If you do not like strong language, you better skip this movie--however, it definitely needed to be there. The movie held my attention from beginning to end. It's a story of prejudice, friendship, terror, dealing with terror, examination of oneself, and so much more.

An added bonus is learning more about the Hmong culture. I was particularly interested to learn that Mr.Eastwood had open casting calls in three cities with Hmong communities, one of which was Fresno. In fact, some of the cast actually was chosen from there.

Terrific movie, well-worth the price of the ticket.



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