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Today I learned that my cousin, Betty Lou, passed away after a long and valiant fight with cancer.

We grew up one short block away from each other. My sister and I were best friends with our cousins, Barbara (1 year younger than I am), Norman, and Betty Lou who was the same age as my younger sister Margie. Though Betty was younger, Barbara and I often lured the younger kids into playing such things with us as ship wreck, and bomb shelter. (We grew up during the Second World War.)

My aunt, Betty's mom, died of breast cancer when Betty was still in high school. Unfortunately, Betty's inherited the breast cancer gene. A few years ago, her daughter died of breast cancer and left behind a five-year-old daughter. Betty loved her granddaughter so much. Then when Betty realized she had breast cancer, she vowed to live at least ten more years for her granddaughter. Unfortunately, she didn't meet her goal.

I'm sure her whole family is now enjoying memories of Betty (she dropped the Lou when she grew up) but rejoicing in the fact that she is now reuinited with her daughter and her mother and father in Heaven.

Betty loved Jesus Christ and worked for him her entire adult life. She spent time in Africa as a missionary, and worked side-by-side with her husband with Bible Study Fellowship.

I didn't have the opportunity to see Betty much when she was an adult--mostly where it happened was at church camp when she and her husband came to to work with the youth and I came and brought the developmentally disabled women I lived with and cared for.

Besides the little girl who used to come running up the street to play at our house, what I remember most about Betty was her great sense of humor. She could make people laugh during the saddest of times. I hope her family is remembering that about her now. She loved children and worked with them at church and in pre-schools.

Most of her family was able to spend this past Christmas with her and I know they'll cherish that memory.

Goodbye, Betty. See you again.



Moira said…
Truly a wonderful way to honor her by sharing your memories of her with others. Beautiful memories.

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