Life's Experiences

My step-granddaughter's apartment was robbed--the burglars taking nearly everything she owned.

She went back to Georgia to visit her Army husband who was schedule to ship out to Iraq. After she got there with their two pre-schoolers, his orders were changed and she stayed on. She let her girl friend here stay in the apartment and drive her car. A car that she still owed two years of payments on.

New Year's Eve the girlfriend rolled and totalled the car. Daughter-in-law and son decided it was time to get the key back to the apartment and see what shape it was in. That's when they saw that the daughter had lost nearly everything.

When the police came and started to investigate they learned from neighbors that the apartment was always full of people partying. After asking more questions, the cops have a pretty good lead on who actually did the burglary.

Not sure what the point to all this is, but I do hope my step-granddaughter learns to be a better judge of character--or at least isn't quite so trusting. It was expensive lesson to learn.

Because I tend to collect such anecdotes of life, one day I'll probably put something similar into a book.

Life can be tough--there's no doubt about that, especially when you're young.



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