Monday, Monday

Today I planned to rise early and write. Instead, I once again went over the galley for No Sanctuary at the suggestion of the publisher. What a good thing I did. I found a big time inconsistency. It's fixed now, thank goodness.

Then I went to town to my Internet provider as I purchased a mini-laptop with Internet capabilities. Well--found out from the girl at the desk, that I'll have to use it in a hotel or coffee shop where they have Wi-fi. Well, that'll probably work since I bought the laptop to use while I'm on trips. I love my Blackberry and it's email access, but sometimes I need to do things that are far beyond what I can or want to do on the Blackberry.

They've made all sorts of suggestions such as getting a router--which I may. Not sure yet.

From there I went to the grocery store and then the bank. Stopped at Mickey D's and got two iced coffees, vanilla flavor for me, carmel for hubby.

Back home, I did some work on the w-i-p and found I had a problem in it with the time sequence (and I'm only on Chapter 4!) and did a lot of cutting and pasting to fix it.

I'm anxious to get back to the actually writing as I have a lot of scene ideas tumbling around in my head.

Once again, I'm trying to blog every single day. We'll see if I can stick to it.



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