On a More Joyous Note...

After writing my last blog, thought I should add something a bit more uplifting.

Today in church, a large part of my family was there. I was thrilled when grandson Nick and his girlfriend Michelle arrived and had five-year-old great granddaughter Kay'Lee with them. She's a delight and we don't get to see her often enough.

She has very long curly hair, but today it was done up in four braids.

I used to see her more than I do these days and I miss having her around. She's always been precocious and reminds me a lot of her daddy who lived with us when he was little--and then we raised him from age 11 to 20.

But I did get to be with her for awhile this morning, and I guess you can tell by the pews, I took her photo before church began.

A proud great-grandmother.



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