One Last Check of No Sanctuary

My publisher, Oak Tree Press, sent me the PDF file of No Sanctuary one last time to check that the errors I'd found had been corrected--and they have been.

However, any writer knows that there are gremlins at work in manuscripts who like to put in errors so that when the book is finally published a reader will point out what is wrong much to the author's embarrassment.

Gremlins have been after me since the beginning. In Deadly Omen one of the first Deputy Tempe Crabtree books, Tempe drives a Blazer then a Bronco and then a Blazer etc. No one noticed, not my husband, me, nor my editor. But I got a phone call after my first signing from a reader to let me know what I'd done. Embarrassing.

The worst though was on the dedication page of Kindred Spirits where I had the wrong last name for the wonderful woman who introduced me to the Tolowa people and planted the idea for the book. I know how that one happened though, with the spell check, and unfortunately I didn't really check the dedication page.

She thought it was funny--thank goodness!

I'll be praying the gremlins left No Sanctuary alone.



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