A Painful Separation

My computer is making a funny noise. Because I have three cats, I suspected that there might be cat hair inside the computer.

I asked my husband if he'd open the computer and clean it out. Unfortunately--or maybe fortunately--he didn't have the right tools to take it apart. However, he did manage to vacuum through the holes in the back and got a lot of stuff out of there, though he said there was a bunch more.

So the computer is getting packed up and taken down to the local shop. For someone like me who is on the computer nearly all day long, it's rather like having a limb amputated.

I plan to spend my withdrawal cleaning my office and doing some paperwork. Yes, I can work on my novel in progress, after all, I used to write my whole novels long hand and then transfer them to the typewriter.

So, I'll be gone for awhile, hopefully not long.



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