A Post a Day

I made a vow to myself to post once a day. I also vowed to write more. If I start the day doing emails and commenting on blogs and posting to my own blog, half the day is gone before I start writing.

Today, I did read my emails first but only responding to what was important, then got to my writing. Unfortunately, I had a lot of distractions and didn't get near the writing done I'd planned.

What kind of distractions, you ask? We're having two small downstairs bedrooms remodeled to become our bedroom and a large closet. It's being done by two grown grandsons. Believe me, they are much harder workers than the contractors we hired to re-do the bathroom and kitchen. Both young men have had some experience with all the tasks they need to do and grandpa is around to guide when necessary.

But it's different having grandsons who call out, "Grandma, come and see this." "Grandma, how does this look?" while they're playing their very loud music.

The end result will be wonderful. However, because I have no speaking engagements of conference until March, I'd hoped to write the first draft of m latest book during the time period. Oh well, as they say, that's life.

And now I'm done with today's blog and it's off to make a tuna casserole for dinner, using a new recipe.



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