Review on What's Age Got to Do With it?

Robin McGraw, wife of the famous Phil McGraw has written a book about aging, What's Age Got to Do With It? She proudly proclaims she's 55. Because I'm far passed her age, a lot of what she's written doesn't apply to me.

Though I managed to get through menopause without much trouble, Ms. McGraw has written a wonderful section on menopause explaining what happens physically and emotionally and things women can do to be more comfortable while it's going on.

There are chapters on fitness, nutrition, skin and hair care, make-up and fashion. Ms. McGraw generously shares all her own tips about what she does and the products she uses. She also reveals her own religious beliefs and how they've helped her in her life.

The book is easy to read and follow. I recommend it to any woman who fears what is to come age wise.



Even the young have to love the title of this book! Remember when we hated to be branded one of those terrible teens. Readers of "Age" might be interested in a recent interview I did with Paul Bruno, The Career Czar. Go to and click on the archive at the right. The one dated 1/30/09. It's all about reinventing ourselves and our careers.

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