San Joaquin Sisters in Crime

Drove to Fresno this a.m. taking two friends with me to the S.J. chapter of Sisters in Crime. Not only was I one of the founding members of this chapter, I so enjoy this group. They've supported me through my writing career, letting me be a featured speaker when I have a new book, and I've made so many great friends who are members.

Today the speaker was a young man named Adrian Rodriguez who runs the site: which features Fresno news as well as other interesting tidbits. It's interactive meaning that other people can add their comments.

His topic was using the Internet to further your writing--but it wasn't about promotion so much as just using the Net as a place to write.

He described himself as "a writer first and foremost."

Some of the things he had to say are truths we sometimes need to hear over and over:

As a writer we need to get used to rejection.

We need to realize that other people sometimes have the same idea that we do.

We need to experience life to enrich our writing.

The Internet helps writer communicate with other writers.

He suggested sending twitter posts from your main character.

I'm always surprised when I run into people who don't use the Internet more. We have so many more tools and opportunities than I did when I first began my writing career. (Think typewriter and carbon paper.)

Loved getting out, hearing a young person's viewpoint, visiting with my Sisters in Crime.



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