Supposed to be Writing

I was determined to work on my w.i.p. today but instead this is what I've done:

Put together a Hungarian Goulash in the crock pot.

Made airline reservations to Omaha for Mayhem in the Midlands--found a flight half-price by checking more than one airline.

Made a hotel reservation for the Public Safety Writers Conference which is at the Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas for June. Got a good price there too. And by the way, if you're interested in going to a great writing conference that's small and gives you plenty of networking opportunity, by all means check out this one:

Then I spent a bunch of time looking for a hotel for the Los Angeles Book Festival which is on the UCLA campus. Of course I want something close (driving in L.A. is downright scary) and affordable. Have yet to make a decision.

Oh, and I always rewrite and type our pastor's note about the sermon that goes in the bulletin for him--he has great ideas but lacks writing skills--and I did the next one for him.

And because I'm determined to write a blog a day--I decided I might as well update this one now.

Next, I really do plan to get to the writing. I think I'll do a timeline first--that always helps.

Today is the day I have a new blog up at the Stilleto Gang and Make Mine Mystery too.



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